I’ve been drawing and painting from my youth,
and continue to make them an integral part of
my life. Visual art is one thing that I believe
meets a vital need in the human spirit; I’m glad
to take part in the creation of beautiful images.

I’m inspired by everyday personal experience
while keeping an eye on current events, and draw
using a chiaroscuro technique that can be scanned,
overlaid in the computer with color, collage elements,
or bold line with the final result as a digital file.

As an illustrator and graphic designer I have over
20 years of experience, and have provided finished
art for clients such as textbook editors, art directors,
civil public works architects, and environmental,
and equipment development engineers.

I am familiar with the process of creating visual
solutions from first sketch or verbal description,
and can quickly and affordably provide digital
4-color and black and white art for print, advertising,
or web marketing.

Please feel free to call or e-mail for more
information, or to discuss a project.

Clients include:

Glencoe Publishing
Zaner-Bloser Publishing
Department of Energy
Columbus Monthly Magazine